Gel Nails

Questions Answered

When it comes to purchasing a new product, we all want our questions answered first. In terms of gel nails,  there are certain questions that frequently come up. Here are the answers to those questions.


Gel Nails Runcorn

 1. What is a gel manicure?

 A flexible gel lacquer is applied over the nail then cured in a UV lamp. It can be filled to maintain, or removed  by soaking off 2-3 weeks later.

 2. Is the ultraviolet light emitted by the lamp dangerous?

 Research shows that the UV rays emitted by these lamps is relatively low. It is safe when using the lamps for  the purpose of applying gel nails.


3. How long will the gel nails last?

Gel nails can last anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on your lifestyle. If you do a lot of work with your hands, such as gardening or construction, this will cause faster wear. The better you take care of your manicure, the longer it will last!

4. How are gel nails maintained?

Your nail technician will fill the area between your cuticle and the gel nail. They will do so by sanitizing and re-applying gel to the area that has grown out.

5. How do gel nails differ from liquid or powder nail systems, such as “acrylic”?

Gel nails are a more natural, odorless option. They will remain shinier between manicures, don’t need polish and won’t lift.

6. What condition will my natural nails be in after the gel nails have been removed?

As long as your nails were filed and prepared properly in the beginning, and you have maintained your gel nails with care, your natural nails will remain in good condition after removing the gel nails.

7. Why do nails sometimes become yellow or crack due to gel nails?

There are many reasons nails may crack or yellow. For example, excessive exposure to chemicals, nail biting and poor diet. Some poor quality gel polishes may cause these side effects. CND gel, Brisa and Shellac do not yellow.