Gelish Nails


Gelish Nails RuncornGelish is a new technology used in nail art. Gelish is used for gel adhesion. It has a unique design to from a solid bond with the Gelish colors and natural nail plate. Gelish nail art enables you escape using a primer coat, more money and your precious time.

Gelish nails assist you when you need quick and attractive manicure. However, Gelish nail is best to use only for a  short time period. Usually time that the Gelish nail can last is up to 14 days. Longer than that is not advisable, as  the Gelish nails will start to wear off and look unattractive. This new technology benefits women as you no longer  have to stress over your manicure or damage caused by other traditional gels to your natural nail plates. Gelish  nail is not only a beautiful nail art, but also one that cares for your nail plates.

Wide Range to Choose From

Gelish nails come in a variety of up to 72-colours. The colours give you options and you can change the colour of your Gelish nails, as you desire. The broad selection of colours serves to avoid boredom of one single colour. You are at liberty of using a single colour every week or mixing colours to come up with a unique design of your Gelish nails.


Gelish nails are easy and very safe to remove. You do not have to worry much about damaging your skin as they smoothly peel off from your nail plates without damaging them.

Gelish FAQs

How long do Gelish nails last? 

Anything upto 2 weeks or longer
How do I remove the Gelish nails?

To remove your Gelish either visit the salon where you had them done, and the therapist will do it for you, or you can remove it yourself at home.

You would need:- block buffer / nail file, acetone nail polish remover, cotton balls, foil strips cut in about 5cm by 3cm, wooden stick / orange stick, nourishing nail oil (almond oil is perfect).

Can I apply paint over my Gelish nails? 
Quite Simply yes you can